Monday, October 03, 2005

A trip to Heiligendamm

The following pictures don't classify as Cambodia, so this is beyond ;-) Pictures from a trip taken this weekend from Hamburg to Heiligendamm at the Baltic Sea (Germany) to be precise.

One of the oddly named places we passed on our way Posted by Picasa

Heiligendamm Posted by Picasa

castle, Heiligendamm Posted by Picasa

Seebruecke at Heiligendamm Posted by Picasa

window of one of the ancient Logierhaeuser at Heilgendamm Posted by Picasa

grapes ;-) Posted by Picasa

ancient Logierhaus, Heiligendamm Posted by Picasa

Logierhaeuser at the seafront, Heiligendamm Posted by Picasa

Logierhaeuser, Heiligendamm Posted by Picasa

Schwanencafe at Heiligendamm Posted by Picasa

Sommersalon at Schwanencafe, Heiligendamm Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Hi! Well I'm just getting started... wait and see what will come out of this. Mainly I'll be putting up my Cambodia pictures.. . if I find out how to ...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

the route I took during my last trip to Cambodia, June 2005 Posted by Hello

Kampot Posted by Hello

Kampot Posted by Hello

Killing fields Posted by Hello

kids at the killing fields Posted by Hello

Khmer boxing, Phnom Penh Posted by Hello

men's hill, Kampong Cham Posted by Hello

Wat Nokor, Kampong Cham Posted by Hello

Kampong Cham Posted by Hello

Kids at Wat Nokor, Kampong Cham Posted by Hello

Wat Nokor, Kampong Cham Posted by Hello

Bamboo bridge, Kampong Cham Posted by Hello

Kratie Posted by Hello

near Kratie Posted by Hello